Appreciate the remarkable blend of fashion and science as we celebrate Nylon Stockings Day on May 15th. This day acknowledges the remarkable impact that this invention has had on the fashion industry. Though simple in appearance, the nylon stocking revolutionized women’s fashion, becoming an essential accessory in professional settings, special occasions, and daily wear.

Over time, this fashion innovation has evolved, coming in various colors, sizes, and patterns to suit the style and comfort needs of every individual. Join us as we celebrate the importance and influence of nylon stockings on this dedicated day.

History of Nylon Stockings Day

Commemorated annually on May 15th, Nylon Stockings Day honors the day in 1940 when nylon stockings were first available to the public for purchase. This came five years after chemist Wallace Carothers of DuPont Laboratories developed the synthetic material known as nylon. Hosiery manufacturing underwent a significant transformation with the introduction of this new technology, replacing the traditionally used silk or rayon.

Before nylon stockings made their debut, silk variants were the fashionable choice. However, silk was costly and often presented issues with durability. With the advent of nylon stockings, women found an excellent alternative that was not only more resilient but also considerably more affordable.

The media referred to May 15, 1940, the debut day for nylon stockings, as “N-Day,” echoing the military lingo of “D-Day.” The public reception of this new product proved phenomenal, as an estimated four million pairs were snatched off store shelves within a matter of hours. Sadly, their popularity was short-lived. The U.S.’s entrance into World War II necessitated using nylon for crucial military supplies, such as parachutes and tires, significantly curtailing the availability of nylon stockings. Once the war was over, however, nylon stockings reemerged on the market and continued to be a staple in women’s fashion.

Nylon Stockings Day commemorates this significant moment in fashion history, serving as a reminder of how this garment transitioned from a luxury commodity to an everyday item, fundamentally changing how women dressed.

Nylon Stockings Day Timeline

DuPont Starts Developing Nylon

The American company DuPont started the development of nylon, a synthetic polymer, which was intended to be a substitute for silk.

First Public Introduction of Nylon Stockings

The first public introduction of nylon stockings happened at the New York World's Fair in 1939.

Mass Production of Nylon Stockings

In May 1940, four million pairs of nylon stockings were sold within two days of their release – a record in the hosiery industry.

Nylon for Military Use

During World War II, the production of nylon stockings decreased considerably as nylon was largely requisitioned for military purposes like making parachutes.

Nylon Stockings Back in Consumer Market

After World War II, nylon stockings made a comeback in the market, with technological advancements improving their quality.

Introduction of Pantyhose

In the 1960s, pantyhose made of nylon started to gain popularity, which eventually replaced nylon stockings in the market.

Nylon Stockings Day

An annual holiday known as Nylon Stockings Day is observed every year on May 15 to celebrate the invention and impact of nylon stockings.

Ideas to Celebrate Nylon Stockings Day

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Fashion Show Extravaganza

Organize a fashion show where all participants must incorporate nylon stockings into their outfits. This will not only celebrate the day but also showcase the versatility and elegance of this fashion staple.

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Nylon Stockings History Party

Throw a party inspired by the era when nylon stockings first became popular—the 1940s. Encourage guests to dress in ‘40s-style outfits (complete with nylon stockings, of course) and learn about the history of this iconic item.

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Vintage Shopping Spree

Visit vintage or second-hand stores in your area to find unique and classic nylon stockings. This not only celebrates the day but also supports local businesses.

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Photo Shoot Fun

Arrange a glamorous photo shoot featuring different styles of nylon stockings. Share the photos on social media with a hashtag like #NylonStockingsDay to raise awareness and celebrate the day.

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Nylon Stockings Day Party

Throw a Nylon Stockings Day party where all attendees must wear outfits that showcase nylon stockings. Offer prizes for the best stocking styles or most creative uses.

7 Interesting Facts About Nylon Stockings


Origin of the term 'Nylon'

The word 'Nylon' was coined as a brand name by combining the words 'New York' (NY) and 'London' (Lon) by its inventors at DuPont.


A War-time Essential

During World War II, the production of nylon stockings was halted as nylon was used for making parachutes, ropes, and tents. Women used makeup to mimic the look of stockings on their legs.


Sheer Innovation

Nylon stockings were significant as they were the first product made using synthetic fibers, forever changing the landscape of the textile industry.


Nylon vs. Silk

Nylon stockings were introduced as a replacement for silk stockings, as they were more durable and less expensive.


Impact on Fashion

The invention of nylon stockings revolutionised women's fashion, as they could now wear shorter hemlines without worrying about the appearance of their legs.


Introduced Seamless Stockings

Nylon stockings were the first type of stockings to be made without a seam, providing a flawless appearance and better comfort.


Rise of Pantyhose

The invention of pantyhose in the 1960s, a combination of underwear and nylon stockings into one garment, led to a decline in the popularity of nylon stockings.

Nylon Stockings Day FAQs

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