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Celebrated each year on the 10th of April, National Siblings Day is a day dedicated to recognizing and honoring the unbreakable bond that exists between siblings. It’s a day for brothers and sisters all over the world to appreciate and affirm the enchanting, sometimes challenging, but always valuable, relationships they share with each other. This cherished relationship filled with happiness, rivalry, and immeasurable love is an essential part of our family life.

National Siblings Day is a wonderful occasion to express your love and gratitude towards your siblings, commemorate their presence in your life, and solidify this precious bond.

History of National Siblings Day

The establishment of National Siblings Day has a poignant backstory. This public observance, celebrated annually in certain areas of the United States and Canada, is meant to pay tribute to the unique relationships between siblings. The creator of this special day is Claudia Evart, a New Yorker who earned her living as an attorney.

Her motivation for marking such a day was borne out of personal grief. Claudia tragically lost her siblings, Alan and Lisette, in separate incidents when they were young, shaping her belief in the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the unparalleled connection between siblings.

Claudia not only initiated this celebration but also founded the Siblings Day Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to garnering official recognition for the day. The date she selected to commemorate this day, April 10, is significant as it marks the birthday of her deceased sister, Lisette.

National Siblings Day has its roots in the year 1995, initiated by Claudia herself. However, it was in 1997 that Claudia established the Siblings Day Foundation. The first official acknowledgment of the holiday came a year after, in 1998, when the governor of New York, influenced by the foundation, officially endorsed the day.

Since that initial endorsement, National Siblings Day has received recognition from 80 governors across various U.S. states.

The day’s foundational principle hasn’t changed throughout its history — it’s all about appreciating and honoring the unique and powerful bonds between siblings, whether by birth or by choice.

National Siblings Day Timeline

Establishment of National Siblings Day

Claudia Evart founded the holiday after the death of her siblings.

Siblings Day Foundation Establishment

Established by Claudia Evart to honor her beloved siblings.

Nonprofit Corporation

Siblings Day Foundation becomes a non-profit corporation in New York State.

Grows Nationally and Internationally

Siblings Day grows in awareness not only within the Unites States but also abroad.

National Siblings Day in Media

CNN acknowledges and begins reporting on the holiday, increasing its popularity significantly.

Celebration with Social Media

People start celebrating the day by sharing pictures with their siblings on various social media platforms.

Ideas to Celebrate National Siblings Day

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Family Feasting

Organize a special meal together, either cooking at home or going to your favorite restaurant. It's a great way to have fun and reconnect while celebrating the bond you share as siblings.

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Memory Lane Photo Album

Place together an album full of nostalgic pictures. Recapture and relive all the beautiful memories of yesteryears. This is not only a fun activity, but it will also allow you all to cherish your bond forever.

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Movie Marathon

Spend the day at home watching all your favorite movies from childhood. Load up on popcorn and soda, and don’t forget to get in your comfiest PJs.

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Siblings Outdoor Adventure

Plan a hiking trip or a day at the beach. Engaging in a fun and challenging activity together can bring you closer and create wonderful memories.

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Gift Exchange

Prepare thoughtful gifts for one another that reflect your special bond. This could be something as simple as a card or as elaborate as a personalized piece of jewelry.

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Family Game Night

Bring out the board games, card decks, or video games that you used to play together. Nothing brings out sibling rivalry and bonding like a good, friendly competition!

8 Interesting Facts About Siblings


Built-in Friendship

According to numerous research studies, having siblings can provide you with a built-in best friend who helps you learn how to resolve conflicts, share and socialize.


Improved Mental Health

Research has suggested that individuals with brothers and/or sisters, generally have better mental health. They tend to be more generous, more altruistic, and more prone to smiling.


Siblings Can Influence Your Weight

Studies show that the body weight of older siblings can influence the body weight of younger siblings, especially in cases where the elder sibling is obese.


Strong Relationships as Adults

According to the National Academy of Sciences, individuals who have supportive brothers or sisters in their old age are less likely to experience depression.


Siblings Share Half of Their Genes

On average, full siblings share about 50% of their genes due to shared parentage, making them genetically half-identical.


Benefits of Being the Middle Child

Middle children are often considered the peacekeepers. They tend to be diplomatic, excellent at negotiation, and good at seeing things from different perspectives.


Youngest Siblings as the Funniest

In a survey conducted by YouGov, the youngest siblings are often considered the funniest. This could be due to the need to seek attention within larger families.


Siblings Impact Your Personalities

Studies show that siblings influence each other's personalities more than parents. Siblings spend a lot of time together, leading to more interactions and influence.

National Siblings Day FAQs

Next National Siblings Day Dates

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2023 April 10th Monday
2024 April 10th Wednesday
2025 April 10th Thursday
2026 April 10th Friday
2027 April 10th Saturday
What is the pattern? Every April 10th

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