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National Short Film Day, observed on December 28th is a fantastic tribute to filmmakers worldwide who pour their heart and soul into the creation of short films. This unique event is all about showcasing these compact cinematic masterpieces that enchant viewers with their creative stories.

This is a day where everyone, filmmakers, actors, scriptwriters, critics, and viewers alike, unite to laud this engaging, yet often overlooked, art form of storytelling. Come immerse yourself in the magic of short films and celebrate their creative genius with us!

History of National Short Film Day

Short films have played a significant role in the world of cinema for many years. They provide a stepping stone for rising filmmakers to display their skills, as well as a platform for established filmmakers to explore new concepts and methods. The global history of short films is both rich and diverse.

The value of National Short Film Day can be traced back to the influential role these films play in the broader film industry. Short films often delve into unique subject matters, introduce pioneering filming techniques, and offer more artistic freedom than full-length feature films. Consequently, a day like National Short Film Day initiated to recognise this form of art and to inspire filmmakers to venture into the production of short films.

This day is celebrated by film communities worldwide through various activities such as film screenings, festivals, and workshops dedicated to short films. The day creates an opportunity for film enthusiasts, filmmakers and audiences to come together to acknowledge and appreciate the essence of cinema compressed into a short format.

National Short Film Day Timeline

Birth of Cinema

The birth of cinema is generally marked by the public screening of Louis and Auguste Lumière’s short films in Paris on December 28, 1895.

First Animated Short Film

Disney's 'Fantasia' was the first American film to use stereophonic sound and the first film released in a multichannel sound format.

New Wave Cinema

A wave of new young directors, including François Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard, and Alfred Hitchcock, began to take the attention of the cinema world.

Start of Experimental and Independent Cinema

This wave of creativity includes the likes of David Lynch and Stephen Spielberg.

First Toy Story Film

Pixar's 'Toy Story' becomes the first feature film to be produced entirely with computer animation.

Rise of Online Short Films

With the popularity of platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, short films gain more visibility and become a popular medium for storytellers worldwide.

National Short Film Day

National Short Film Day encourages the creation and viewing of short films throughout the country.

Ideas to Celebrate National Short Film Day

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Short Film Contest

Organize a short film contest where participants will make their own short films. It would foster creativity and also allow people to appreciate the art of short filmmaking.

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Short Film Marathon

Host a short film marathon either at home or a local theatre. Screening multiple short films back-to-back would not only be entertaining but also help participants understand the different genres and techniques used in short filmmaking.

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Short Film Making Workshop

Arrange a workshop where people can learn about the basics of short filmmaking. It would introduce them to various aspects like scripting, directing, editing, and acting.

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Special Guest Speaker

Invite a famed short film director or critic to speak about their experience and insights about the field. This would provide participants with a unique perspective on the craft.

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Donate to Film-Making Charities

Celebrate the day by donating to charities that offer financial support and resources to upcoming filmmakers. This will help encourage and foster new talent in the field of short film making.

6 Interesting Facts About Short Film


Frontier of Creative Experimentation

Short films are often used as an experimental platform for film-makers to explore new cinematography techniques and storytelling methods due to the lesser financial and time constraints.


Earliest Animated Short Film

The earliest known animated short film is 'Fantasmagorie', a French animation largely made by hand by Émile Cohl, which premiered in 1908.


Short Film, Big Stars

Numerous big-name actors, such as Tom Hanks and Cate Blanchett, have appeared in short films at the peak of their careers, showcasing that short films aren't just for up-and-coming artists.


Landmark Animated Short

Walt Disney's 'Steamboat Willie' of 1928, which introduced the iconic character Mickey Mouse to the world, is considered a landmark short film in the field of animation.


Most Oscar Winning Short Film

The short film to win the most Oscars is 'The Old Man and the Sea', winning an impressive 87 awards including the 1953 Academy Award for Animated Short Film.


Shorts Gaining Popularity

With the rise of YouTube and social media platforms, short films are becoming a popular medium for storytelling and showcasing talent.

National Short Film Day FAQs

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