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October 8th marks National Salmon Day – an annual celebration that not only honours the unique taste and health advantages of this universally loved pink fish but also underscores the pressing need for sustainable fishing. It’s a day that extends an open invitation to seafood lovers, culinary experts, and environmentalists to not just enjoy this delectable fish but also shed light on the ecological threats they face.

National Salmon Day grants everyone a golden chance to learn, savour and work towards protecting the delightful and precious salmon species.

History of National Salmon Day

National Salmon Day is a day dedicated to recognizing the salmon’s essential ecological, economic, and cultural influence. This type of fish is appreciated globally for its high nutritional value, consisting of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D, significantly contributing to overall health.

The inception of National Salmon Day occurred recently, established by a seafood products brand, Chicken of the Sea, in 2015. Their aim was not only to promote their new salmon pouches range but to emphasize the value of salmon, encourage its consumption, and highlight its critical role in the ecosystem and the culinary world.

Although National Salmon Day is a recent celebration, the value and recognition of salmon have deep-rooted ancient history. For coastal indigenous cultures, like the Pacific Northwest, salmon has been an indispensable resource, deeply connected to their spiritual faith and customs. In locales like Alaska, salmon fishing is profoundly entrenched in their economy and culture.

In the modern world, National Salmon Day is beyond just appreciating this incredible fish. It also raises awareness about environmental issues that endanger the salmon population, including pollution, deforestation, overfishing, and climate change. The day serves as a platform to instruct and encourage individuals to participate in sustainable fishery procedures and protect and restore salmon habitats.

National Salmon Day Timeline

First Commercial Salmon Cannery

The first commercial salmon cannery was established on a barge in the Sacramento River.

Boom in Salmon Industry

The Alaska salmon industry boomed with over 60 canneries churning out 1 million cases of canned salmon annually.

Chicken of the Sea

The Van Camp Seafood Company, now Chicken of the Sea, was founded in California.

Aquaculture Becomes Popular

Aquaculture, or farming of fish in ocean enclosures, becomes an increasingly popular method of salmon production.

First National Salmon Day

Chicken of the Sea declared October 8 as National Salmon Day in the United States to appreciate the health, taste and versatile appeal of salmon.

Genetically Modified Salmon

US FDA approved the sale of the first genetically modified animal for human consumption, a type of farmed salmon.

Ideas to Celebrate National Salmon Day

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Salmon Cooking Masterclass

Engage a chef from your local area to host a teaching session on various ways to prepare salmon meals. You'll not only refine your culinary abilities but also honor the day through tasty dishes.

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Visit a Local Fish Market

Spend your day immersed in the lively atmosphere of your nearest fish market. Buy some fresh salmon to make your favorite dish at home.

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Salmon Tasting Event

Set up an event where everyone can sample a diverse range of salmon-based dishes, ideally paired with well-matched wines.

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Salmon Fishing Trip

If there's a salmon-rich river close to your place, an adventurous fishing expedition would make a perfect commemoration of the day. Besides the joy of fishing, you get to appreciate salmon's culinary significance.

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Salmon Documentary or Movie Night

Consider watching films or documentaries based on salmon. This could teach you about their life patterns or the roles they play in the broader ecosystem.

7 Interesting Facts About Salmon


The Epic Migration

Salmon embark on incredible journeys during their lifetime. Originating in fresh water, they move to the sea and return to birthplaces in fresh water for reproduction. They traverse thousands of miles and navigate significant impediments such as waterfalls and dams.


Sense of Smell

Scientists propose that a salmon's route back to their birth streams for spawning is enabled by an exemplary olfactory perception. This extraordinary sense helps them remember the unique scent of the birthplace waters.


Different Species

Several types of salmon exist, among them sockeye, pink, coho, chum, chinook, and Atlantic salmon. Every species features unique traits and flavor characteristics.


Changing Colors

Color transformations are observed in some salmon species as they gear up to spawn. They morph from a shiny blue hue to vibrant shades of red, orange, and even purple.


Symbol of Sacrifice

For Native Americans, the salmon is often associated with sacrifice and the perpetuation of life. The death of salmon post-spawning offers sustenance for the land and other creatures, thereby maintaining the cycle of life.


Healthy Food

Ranked as a superfood, salmon boasts high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids have many health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and lowering blood pressure.


Farmed vs Wild

Significant differences exist between wild and farmed salmon. Wild salmon tend to be leaner with darker and richer colors due to their diverse diet. In contrast, farmed salmon are raised in netted pens and often have more fat and lighter colors.

National Salmon Day FAQs

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