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Observed annually on the final Tuesday of January, National Plan for Vacation Day is an initiative launched by the U.S Travel Association to stimulate people to map out their holidays for the forthcoming year. This special day is geared towards highlighting the significance of taking regular breaks for overall wellness and relaxation.

National Plan for Vacation Day is designed to invigorate everyone to envision their forthcoming exciting journeys. Therefore, keep this day highlighted in your calendar and prepare to plot an extraordinary vacation.

History of National Plan for Vacation Day

National Plan for Vacation Day emerged as a response to an alarming trend.

In the U.S., a growing number of vacation days are being left uncashed each year. American employees often have several unused vacation days, implying an overemphasis on work and an underemphasis on leisure. This imbalance can potentially negatively impact individuals’ mental wellbeing and life satisfaction.

To help combat this, the U.S. Travel Association, in collaboration with its partners, initiated the “Project: Time Off” campaign. This campaign encouraged Americans to fully utilize their vacation and personal days. An integral part of this campaign is National Plan for Vacation Day, which has been observed annually on the final Tuesday of January.

The primary objective of this day is to motivate individuals to schedule their holidays for the entire year, ensuring no vacation day goes to waste. National Plan for Vacation Day also accentuates the importance of taking a breather from work. This initiative promotes travel and exploration, relaxation, and quality time with loved ones.

National Plan for Vacation Day Timeline

First packaged tour

Thomas Cook organized the first packaged tour. He chartered a train to take a group of temperance campaigners from Leicester to a rally in Loughborough.

Start of mass tourism

The economic prosperity and development of the commercial aviation industry after World War II made travel accessible to more people, marking the beginning of mass tourism.

Advent of cheap package holidays

Package holidays became widespread, providing affordable options for the average person to travel abroad.

Airbnb and vacation rentals

Airbnb was founded, revolutionizing the vacation industry by allowing people to rent homes and rooms from private homeowners.

National Plan for Vacation Day

The U.S. Travel Association established National Plan for Vacation Day to promote the importance of planning vacations.

Ideas to Celebrate National Plan for Vacation Day

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Vision Vacation

How about creating inspiring vision boards filled with images representing your dream holidays? You can source these images from old travel magazines or even print some from the internet.

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Virtual Vacation

Why not visit your dream destination but via a virtual route? Virtual reality or online tours could take you to your dream destination from your own living room. Many museums and historical sites have these virtual experiences online.

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Budget Breakdown

Try listing down the costs of your dream vacation. Jot down all the possible expenses like travel, accommodation, meals, and activities. Visualizing your expenses might bring you a step closer to your dream vacation.

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Travel Talk

Imagine having a virtual gathering with friends or family where everyone talks about one place they wish to visit. This could not only be fun but might also inspire new travel plans for you.

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Local Vacation Planning

If you can't travel far off places at the moment, you can always plan a vacation locally. Look for interesting locations, tours, parks, or attractions nearby that you haven't explored yet.

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Try International Cuisine

If visiting your dream location is not possible at the moment, you could try ordering or even cooking food native to that region. This will provide a taste of the place while you anticipate your future travels.

7 Interesting Facts About Plans for Vacation


The Early Bird Gets the Worm

It has been observed that individuals who arrange their holidays at least a month beforehand are likely to have a more satisfactory experience. This can be attributed to the reduction in stress achieved through early planning and the ample time it offers to explore potential activities and lodging choices.


Financial Implications

Financial professionals have noted that holiday-goers generally start setting money aside for their travels roughly six months ahead, with about 10% of their yearly earnings allocated towards vacations.


WPLP Model

The WPLP Model implies a sequence of Want-plan-listen-plan again. It is a recommended approach for holiday planning as it enables those planning the trip to visualize it, organize, obtain feedback from companions, and refine plans.


Favourite Time to Book

A recent survey reveals that Tuesday has emerged as the most favoured day in the week to make vacation reservations. This could be because Mondays are usually too occupied with tasks, leading to a preference for Tuesday to kickstart holiday planning!


Psychological Boost

Studies indicate that the mere act of arranging a holiday can elevate an individual’s happiness level for up to eight weeks.


Importance of Breaks

Scheduling regular holidays is vital to promoting good health. Research has found that men who don't take annual vacations run a 20% higher risk of dying early and a 30% higher risk of succumbing to heart diseases.


Popular Destinations

Paris, located in France, tops the list of world's most popular holiday destinations that people plan for, closely followed by London in England and Rome in Italy.

National Plan for Vacation Day FAQs

Next National Plan for Vacation Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 January 31st Tuesday
2024 January 30th Tuesday
2025 January 28th Tuesday
2026 January 27th Tuesday
2027 January 26th Tuesday
What is the pattern? Final Tuesday of January

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