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National Mustard Day is a delightful annual celebration held on the first Saturday of August each year. This flavorful observance is dedicated to one of the world’s most popular condiments - mustard. With its versatile nature and spicy kick, mustard is relished in countless cuisines around the globe.

This day is a perfect occasion to appreciate the diverse range of mustards, learn about their history, and of course, enjoy them in our favorite dishes.

History of National Mustard Day

Every year, on the first Saturday of August, mustard fans across America and beyond join together to celebrate National Mustard Day. The idea for this tasty tribute arose in 1988 when Jill Sengstock highlighted it in a letter as a fun, promotional feature. The enthusiastic response she received led her to establish it as an annual event.

In 1991, Barry Levenson, the founder of the National Mustard Museum situated in Middleton, Wisconsin, incorporated the concept and brought it under the museum’s wing. Since then, the event has held court at the museum and grown in popularity nationwide with each passing year.

The essence of National Mustard Day lies not only in appreciating this tangy condiment but also in recognizing the simple joy it brings to our meals. The celebration serves as a reminder to take respite in life’s basic delights. Furthermore, it draws attention to the rich history and sheer diversity of mustards that play pivotal roles in various global cuisines.

National Mustard Day has evolved from being a mere light-hearted celebration, to one that also contributes to community welfare. Today, the event doubles as a fundraiser for local charities and non-profits. With every golden spoonful of mustard celebrated, Levenson and his team at the National Mustard Museum are spreading not only their love for mustard but also awareness about its versatility and their commitment to giving back to the community—one mustard seed at a time.

National Mustard Day Timeline

First Appearance of Mustard

Mustard seeds are first mentioned in Indian and Sumerian texts dating back to 3000 BC.

Mustard Commercialization

The city of Dijon, France became a hub for mustard production and trade.

The Birth of Grey Poupon

A famous mustard brand, Grey Poupon, was established in Dijon. It would later be known internationally for its high-quality mustard.

The Advent of Yellow Mustard

George T. French, the founder of French's, invented Yellow Mustard, a milder and brighter variety that marked a turning point in the mustard industry.

First National Mustard Day

It was started by Jill Sengstock after she highlighted it in a letter as a fun, promotional feature.

The Inception of the National Mustard Museum

Located in Middleton, Wisconsin, the National Mustard Museum boasts an astounding collection of more than 6,000 mustards from around the world.

Ideas to Celebrate National Mustard Day

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Mustard Tasting Party

Invite friends and family for a mustard tasting party. Set up a table with different types of gourmet mustards from all around the world, accompanied by a variety of bread, pretzels and sausages.

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Mustard Recipe Contest

Hold a contest to see who can create the most delicious recipe using mustard as a main ingredient. It could be a dip, a sauce, a salad dressing, or even a dessert!

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Mustard-themed Picnic

Arrange a picnic where all the dishes incorporate mustard in some way. From mustard-marinated BBQ to mustard-dressed salads, the possibilities are endless.

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Cooking Class Focusing on Mustard

Host a cooking class at home focusing on the use of mustard. Teach friends and family about the different types of mustard and demonstrate how each can be used in cooking.

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Visit a Mustard Factory

If you happen to live near a mustard factory or a specialty food store that makes its own, organize a tour. It can be a fun and interesting activity for kids and adults alike.

8 Interesting Facts About Mustarday


Multipurpose Uses

Mustard can be used for culinary purposes, or for medicinal purposes. In traditional medicines, mustard seeds are considered good for digestion, easing arthritis, and soothing sore throats.


Variety of Colors

Mustard seeds come in a variety of colors from yellow to black, each with different flavor profiles and heat levels.


Opens the Sinuses

The heat from mustard can open up the sinuses and airways, which is why it's often used in dishes that can potentially be stuffy, like corned beef.


Symbolism in Philosophy

In Celtic symbolism, the mustard plant represents courage and boldness.


Nutritional Value

Mustard seeds are packed with vitamins and minerals including selenium, phosphorous, magnesium, and vitamin E.


Tree Myth

Biblically, the mustard seed is used in parables to describe something small that grows into a large tree. This has caused a myth that mustard seeds grow into trees, when in fact they only grow into a large plant.


World Record

The world's largest bottle of mustard weighed over 860 pounds and stood at a height of over 7 feet.


Poison Defense

Mustard plants produce a toxic compound called isothiocyanate to deter insects. This compound is also responsible for the plant's characteristic spicy flavor.

National Mustard Day FAQs

Next National Mustard Day Dates

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2023 August 5th Saturday
2024 August 3rd Saturday
2025 August 2nd Saturday
2026 August 1st Saturday
2027 August 7th Saturday
What is the pattern? First Saturday of August

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