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June 18th marks National Go Fishing Day, an annual celebration dedicated to the timeless hobby of fishing. It’s an exciting day for both seasoned pros and beginners, as everyone is encouraged to spend some time casting a line at their preferred fishing location. But, National Go Fishing Day is not just about catching fish. It’s about reveling in the tranquility offered by the great outdoors, contributing to the protection of our aquatic environments, and creating precious memories with our loved ones.

On this day, get your fishing gear ready, and make a beeline for your most cherished fishing spot.

History of National Go Fishing Day

Fishing has deep historical roots, going back around 40,000 years when the human race depended on it for survival. Over the centuries, it has transitioned from being primarily a source of food to being a beloved recreational activity.

Given that more than 55 million people in America consider themselves leisure anglers, it seemed only fitting to dedicate a special day to celebrate this popular sport. National Go Fishing Day provides the perfect excuse for individuals to take a break from their busy day-to-day lives, immerse themselves in nature, and experience the relaxation that fishing brings.

National Go Fishing Day is all about encouraging folks to embrace the great outdoors through fishing, while also emphasizing the critical need to protect our natural resources and uphold legislation designed to conserve fish stocks. It’s also a fabulous opportunity to introduce the younger generation to fishing, instilling in them an appreciation of the natural world and its inhabitants.

Various activities are organized in honor of National Go Fishing Day, including fishing trips, fishing contests, instructional events for novices, and environmental efforts such as local area cleanups around lakes, rivers and beaches.

National Go Fishing Day Timeline

Primitive Fishing

Archaeological evidence suggests fishing started around this time, making it one of the oldest methods of food gathering.

Fishing in Ancient Egypt

Fishing becomes popular in Ancient Egypt. Fishermen use papyrus reeds to make fishing rods and lines.

Fishing Reels

Early forms of fishing reels are developed in China.

The Treatyse of Fysshynge with an Angle

First book on fishing is published in England, outlining methods for making hooks, lines, rods, and baits.

Rod and Reel Modernization

Alternative materials to wood, such as fiberglass and graphite, were being used to manufacture fishing poles, thus modernizing fishing equipment.

Fly Fishing Popularity

Fly fishing grows in popularity as a form of recreational fishing.

Sustainable Fishing Practices

Fishermen and organizations emphasize sustainable fishing practices due to declining fish populations.

National Go Fishing Day

A dedicated day to encourage recreational fishing among children and adults alike in the United States.

Ideas to Celebrate National Go Fishing Day

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Organize a Family Fishing Trip

Gather your family members and go on a day-long fishing trip. Whether you're an experienced angler or an amateur, this day is only about fun and gathering with your family for a relaxing outdoor escapade.

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Join a Community Fishing Tournament

Several communities and organizations organize fishing tournaments to celebrate this day. Participate in one of these contests and connect with other fishing enthusiasts.

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Fishing Lessons for Beginners

If you've always wanted to try fishing, National Go Fishing Day is the perfect time to start. Attend a local fishing class or hire a professional angler to teach you the basics.

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Host a Seafood Feast

Celebrate the day by preparing a delectable seafood feast with your catch of the day. Invite friends over who also enjoy fishing and have a small get-together.

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Clean Up a Local Water Body

Take this opportunity to give back to the nature that provides you with such a pastime. Organize a cleanup drive at your favorite fishing spot to keep it clean and healthy.

8 Interesting Facts About Going Fishing


World’s Biggest Fish

The biggest fish ever caught and approved as an IGFA world record was a white shark. The massive creature was caught off the coast of Ceduna, Australia, in 1959 by Alfred Dean. It weighed 2,664 pounds.


Fishing as Therapy

Fishing is often used as a form of therapy for veterans and others suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The calming effect of nature, combined with the focus required for fishing, helps to reduce anxiety and promote mental healing.


Fishing and the Economy

In the United States alone, fishing is said to contribute over $115 billion to the economy, creating over 800,000 jobs.



One of the most dangerous methods of fishing is noodling, a method of catching catfish with your bare hands, primarily practiced in the southern United States.


Fish Feel Pain

Contrary to popular belief, studies have shown that fish do have nerve endings and can feel pain, particularly when hooked in the mouth.


Age-old Practice

Fishing is an ancient practice dating back at least 40,000 years, making it one of the oldest recorded human activities.


Fishing and Lightning

Fishing and water-related activities are officially the most dangerous during a lightning storm.


Fly Fishing Artistry

Queen Elizabeth II is a fan of fly fishing, a style of fishing considered by many to be an art form due to the intricate techniques used.

National Go Fishing Day FAQs

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