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National Fig Newton Day -

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The 16th of January is a day marked in every sweet tooth’s calendar. National Fig Newton Day invites us all to celebrate and cherish the fig-filled pastry known as the Fig Newton.

This classic treat has brought delight to American families for more than 100 years, boasting a wonderful fusion of flavors with its moist dough and sweet fig spread. It’s a day to give in to your guilty pleasures and savor the unique taste of these beloved cookies.

History of National Fig Newton Day

The story of the Fig Newton begins with a man named Charles M. Roser, who was a cookie and cake manufacturer in Philadelphia, United States. In the early 1890s, Roser developed a new type of filling made from fig paste, which he believed would be perfect for adding flavor to his baked goods.

Roser sold his recipe to the Kennedy Biscuit Works, which later merged with other companies to form what is now known as Nabisco. They then used Roser’s fig paste filling to create a new cookie, which they named the “Newtons” in honor of the city of Newton, Massachusetts.

Over the years, Nabisco continued to refine and expand the Fig Newton line, introducing variations like apple, strawberry, and raspberry flavors. They also experimented with different shapes and names, such as rounding the edges of the rectangular cookie and marketing it as “Fruit Chewies.”

In 2012, the name of the cookie underwent a change, dropping the “Fig” and simply becoming known as “Newton.” This move was to reflect the brand’s broader range of flavors beyond just fig.

Today, Fig Newtons continue to be a popular treat enjoyed by people around the world. Although the cookie has gone through some changes and adaptations, it has managed to maintain its original essence, delighting generations with its sweet and fruity flavor.

National Fig Newton Day Timeline

Fig Newton Invented

Charles Roser invented a process which inserted fig paste into a thick pastry dough, effectively creating the Fig Newton.

Production of Fig Newtons

The Kennedy Biscuit Works, later to become Nabisco, started mass producing Fig Newtons.

Nabisco founded

William Moore, Adolphus W. Green, and John G. Zeller founded the National Biscuit Company in 1898.

Name Shortened

Nabisco decided to shorten the name to 'Newton'.

National Fig Newton Day

National Fig Newton Day is celebrated every January 16th.

Ideas to Celebrate National Fig Newton Day

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Fig Newton Bake-off

Organize a fun-filled baking contest with your buddies and family where everyone gets to bake with figs as the main ingredient. Participants can create unique delicacies that are inspired by Fig Newtons.

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Fig Newton Taste Testing

Arrange an assortment of fig-flavored delights, including an array of Fig Newtons, sourced from a mixture of brands and pastry shops. Conduct a tasting session with your dear ones, providing everyone with an opportunity to rate their top favorite to least favourite.

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Throw a Fig Newton Picnic

Prepare a hamper brimming with Fig Newtons and picnic staples, make plans with your close ones and head out to the nearest park for a delightful outdoor commemorative event.

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Fig Newton Recipe Challenge

Push your culinary boundaries by including Fig Newtons in diverse dishes. Who knows, a Fig Newton apple pie or homemade Fig Newton ice cream might turn out to be the new fan favorite! Explore and savor the endless possibilities.

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Nutrition Facts

Take the day to learn and promote the nutritional advantages of figs. Develop a fun-filled questionnaire, an informative presentation, or design an appealing infographic, and spread the knowledge via social media.

6 Interesting Facts About Fig Newton


Invented in 1891

Charles Roser, an Ohio-based baker, was the brain behind the creation of the Fig Newton in the year 1891. Its mass production was later taken up by a company called Kennedy Biscuit Works.


Named after Massachusetts town

Contrary to popular belief, the Fig Newton cookie actually derives its name from Newton, a town in Massachusetts, despite having its roots in Ohio.


High Fiber Content

You can count on Fig Newtons for fiber intake. A single serving offers about 12% of the daily recommended fiber requirement.


Not always just Fig

Don't be fooled by its name. Fig Newtons offer more than just the fig flavor. You can also find varieties like apple cinnamon, strawberry, and mixed berry.


Unique Design

The distinctive 'pillow' shape of the Fig Newton sets it apart. It's one of the few cookies that have retained their original shape over the years.


Drop the Fig

In a move to rebrand and pay homage to flavors beyond fig, Nabisco chose to drop 'Fig' from the product's name in 2012, rebranding it as 'Newtons'.

National Fig Newton Day FAQs

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