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National Deep Dish Pizza Day -

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Join us in celebrating the epitome of deliciousness, National Deep Dish Pizza Day. Every year on the 5th of April, we raise a slice to this marvellous culinary delight that hails from the bustling city of Chicago. Deep dish pizza, known for its generous crust that cradles an abundance of cheese, flavorful sauce and hearty toppings, takes the classic pizza experience to a whole new level.

This day encourages all pizza enthusiasts to step away from traditional thin crust and plunge into the savoury depths of the classic deep dish pizza. So, go ahead and savour the decadence of your favourite comfort food on this special day.

History of National Deep Dish Pizza Day

The origins of National Deep Dish Pizza Day are intimately entwined with the history of the deep dish pizza itself. This distinctive recipe was brought to life in the heart of Chicago, Illinois, by Ike Sewell, the proprietor of the renowned Pizzeria Uno, in 1943. Sewell wanted to redefine the pizza experience by creating a hearty, satisfying meal as opposed to the relatively thinner pizzas that were standard fare during that time.

The end product of Sewell’s vision was a tall-edged pizza pie abundant in cheese and topped with thick, chunky tomato sauce - the now-famous Chicago-style deep dish pizza. This innovation immediately won over the people of Chicago, a love affair that has spanned over seven decades.

This inventive culinary creation sparked a revolution within the pizza industry, leading to numerous pizzerias creating their own versions of the deep dish, some even daring to experiment with different kinds of fillings, cheese, and sauce.

National Deep Dish Pizza Day, revered as a day to appreciate this popular form of pizza, seems to have cropped up in the past ten years or so. The day has likely come to be as a marketing strategy employed by restaurants. Regardless, it serves as a wonderful excuse for pizza enthusiasts nationwide to enjoy a slice or more of this thick and cheesy delight.

National Deep Dish Pizza Day Timeline

Birth of Modern Pizza

Queen Margherita's visit to Naples led to the creation of margherita pizza, marking the birth of modern pizza.

Inception of Deep Dish Pizza

The deep dish pizza is believed to have been invented at Pizzeria Uno in Chicago by founders Ike Sewell and Ric Riccardo.

Opening of Lou Malnati's

Lou Malnati's, renowned for its classic deep dish pizzas, opened its first restaurant in Lincolnwood, a suburb of Chicago.

Deep Dish Pizza Goes National

Due to the popularity of deep dish pizza, many national chains started adding deep dish pizza to their menu.

First National Deep Dish Pizza Day

Recognized in the United States, National Deep Dish Pizza Day falls on April 5th annually.

Ideas to Celebrate National Deep Dish Pizza Day

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Pizza Party

Host a pizza party at your home. Allow your guests to make their own deep dish pizzas by providing a selection of toppings. Don't forget to also have plenty of ready-to-eat deep dish pizzas for those who want to just dig in.

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Pizza Outing

Visit a local pizzeria that specializes in deep dish pizzas. Enjoy trying out different varieties of deep dish pizzas.

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Pizza Homemade

Make your own homemade deep dish pizza. There are plenty of online recipes to follow, and it brings a different kind of satisfaction, making your own pizza on this special day.

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Pizza Movie Night

Combine National Deep Dish Pizza Day with a movie night. Set up a cozy movie night at home with loved ones and enjoy a delicious deep dish pizza.

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Pizza Class

Take a cooking class focused on making deep dish pizza. This is a perfect opportunity to learn and master the skill of making this delicious dish.

7 Interesting Facts About Deep Dish Pizza


Origin in the Windy City

Deep-dish pizza was first created in Chicago in 1943 by operatives of a chain called Pizzeria Uno.



It's also known as Chicago-style pizza and is easily recognizable by its thick, buttery crust that looks like a cake, abundant amounts of mozzarella cheese, chunky tomato sauce, and its signature inch-deep layer of toppings.


Lengthy Baking Time

Deep dish pizza takes much longer to bake than typical pizzas because of its depth and quantity of toppings. This is usually around 30-45 minutes.


Reversed Toppings Order

Unlike traditional pizza, deep-dish pizza often has the cheese on the bottom and the sauce on top to prevent the cheese from burning during the lengthy baking process.


Popularity Extends Beyond Chicago

In 2013, a survey by TripAdvisor found that travelers ranked Chicago's pizza as the best in the country, beating out New York City. This could be due to the rich and flavorful nature of deep dish pizza.


Highest Calorie Count

Among all types of pizzas, deep-dish style pizzas are the most abundant in calories. A single slice can contain up to 700 calories.


A Meal in Itself

Because of its hearty and dense nature, one or two slices of deep-dish pizza are usually enough to fill you up.

National Deep Dish Pizza Day FAQs

Next National Deep Dish Pizza Day Dates

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2023 April 5th Wednesday
2024 April 5th Friday
2025 April 5th Saturday
2026 April 5th Sunday
2027 April 5th Monday
What is the pattern? Every April 5th

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