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Every year on January 30th, we pay tribute to the globally recognized and much-loved pastry, the croissant, on National Croissant Day. With roots in Austria and widely embraced in France, this rich, buttery treat has now become synonymous with breakfast time for many worldwide.

On this special day, the irresistible scent of freshly baked croissants wafts through bake shops, coffee houses, and households as individuals savor this delectable baked good. Let’s take a moment to honor and appreciate the deep-rooted history, cultural impact, and exquisite flavors of the cherished croissant on this National Croissant Day.

History of National Croissant Day

Even though France is often linked with the croissant, its origins can actually be found in Austria. It was during the 13th century that Austrian bakers crafted a crescent-shaped bread roll, known as the “kipferl”.

The croissant that we recognize and love today, however, didn’t emerge until around 1839. This was due to the efforts of August Zang, an Austrian artillery officer who opened a Viennese bakery in Paris. Zang introduced the French to the “kipferl”, but with an innovative twist: he used puff pastry, a much lighter and flakier dough than the original. The French soon grew fond of this reimagined pastry and called it the croissant, a name inspired by its distinctive crescent shape.

Over the years, the croissant has been tailored and modified in different cultures, leading to an array of flavors and fillings. It achieved worldwide fame, largely owing to its integral role in French breakfast culture and its noteworthy portrayal in renowned paintings like “Le Déjeuner des Canotiers” by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

National Croissant Day was initiated to pay tribute to this highly esteemed pastry, presenting an opportunity to not just relish a croissant or two but to also delve into its historical and cultural importance. On this festive day, numerous bakeries and coffee shops typically offer special promotions or debut innovative variations of croissants for their patrons to enjoy.

National Croissant Day Timeline

Siege of Vienna

In honor of the victory of the Siege of Vienna, bakers created a pastry in the shape of the Turkish crescent, the symbol on the Ottoman flag.

Introduction in France

August Zang, an Austrian artillery officer, introduced the pastry to the French by opening a Viennese bakery in Paris.

Croissant becomes French Staple

Croissants become a staple of French bakeries and breakfasts.

Croissant in America

Croissants were introduced to the American market and grew in popularity quickly.


With the globalization of food trends and the spread of French culture, croissants have become popular around the world.

National Croissant Day

National Croissant Day is celebrated every year on January 30th.

Ideas to Celebrate National Croissant Day

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Croissant Tasting Party

Call your mates for a fun-filled croissant sampling soiree. Round up traditional, almond, and chocolate variants from a multitude of local bake shops and let everyone pick their top choice.

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Croissant Baking Class

Enlist in a culinary workshop that focuses on the craft of croissant making. Not only will you learn an interesting culinary technique, but you'll also be able to savour homemade croissants.

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Gourmet Breakfast

Craft an elaborate morning meal with a croissant-themed menu. Consider options like croissant-enclosed ham and cheese, croissant-based French toast, or match croissants with a spread of jellies and gourmet cheeses.

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Croissant Donation

Consider purchasing dozens of croissants from your neighboring bakery and offering them to a local charity or refuge center. It's a heartwarming way to enjoy the occasion while giving back to your community.

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Croissant and Wine Pairing

Embark on a journey of taste by coupling various wines with different types of croissant delicacies. Run your personal wine sampling session in the spirit of National Croissant Day.

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Croissant Around the World

Discover how countries across the globe put their spin on the classic croissant. Try your hand at creating, or order from abroad, pastries like Danish or the Italian cornetto, reveling in the rich variety of this ubiquitous baked good.

5 Interesting Facts About Croissants



While commonly associated with French cuisine, the genesis of croissants can surprisingly be traced back to Austria.


Meaning of name

'Croissant' translates to 'crescent' in the French language, a nod to the distinctive curvature of this delectable pastry.


Symbol of Victory

Back in the 1600s, Viennese bakers reportedly crafted the croissant, paying tribute to their triumph over the Ottoman Empire.


Culinary Art

The art of crafting a flawless croissant calls for deft mastery and precision. A top-notch croissant boasts between 16 and 32 laminated layers.



Regardless of their mouth-watering allure, croissants are unfortunately not the go-to option for health-conscious individuals due to their high content of butter. With an average croissant containing around 200 calories and 12 grams of fats, they are quite the indulgence.

National Croissant Day FAQs

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