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Indulge your sweet tooth and commemorate National Banana Split Day, an annual celebration on August 25th. This holiday caters to one of the most beloved desserts in the United States, the banana split—a dish whose appeal lies in its delightful blend of flavors and joyous presentation.

The day dedicated to this fabulous creation is the best excuse to revel in the craft of the perfect banana split. Everyone has their own twist on the dessert—whether sticking to the tried-and-true recipe or experimenting with novel flavors and garnishes. This is the time to gather with companions in a cozy ice cream parlor, whip up your own version at home, or even throw a banana split bash to share the delight.

History of National Banana Split Day

Legend has it that the banana split was the brainchild of David Evans Strickler, an enterprising apprentice pharmacist. In 1904, at a mere 23 years of age, Strickler experimented with sundae creations at a pharmacy in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, leading to the concoction that would capture the hearts of the local college community.

As this delectable invention became a staple at soda fountains and ice cream shops, it represented more than just a dessert; it became an icon of American indulgence. Despite various claims to its origins, the banana split’s journey to beloved status is a testament to the simple pleasure of ice cream and toppings in harmony.

The spirit of National Banana Split Day continues to bring joy to those who indulge. Whether enjoying a professionally prepared banana split at a local parlor or creating one in the comfort of home, the day commemorates an enduring tradition of American culinary delight.

In 2013, the city of Latrobe was officially recognized by Pennsylvania’s legislature for its role in the sweet saga of the banana split. Today, the city hosts an annual event, the Great American Banana Split Celebration, to honor the dessert’s historical roots and to spread its joy. Through such events and a widespread communal love for this indulgent treat, the legacy of the banana split endures, inspiring new generations to partake in the enjoyment of creating and consuming this time-honored delight.

National Banana Split Day Timeline

Birth of the Banana Industry

The banana industry began to flourish after the introduction of the fruit to the American market at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition.

Creation of the Banana Split

David Strickler, an apprentice pharmacist in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, invents the banana split at the age of 23.

Spread of the Banana Split

The banana split became more popular, spreading to soda fountains outside of Latrobe and becoming a staple of American ice cream sundaes.

Official Recognition by Latrobe

Latrobe, Pennsylvania, celebrates the 109th anniversary of the banana split and being recognized by the National Ice Cream Retailers Association as its birthplace.

Celebration of National Banana Split Day

August 25th is celebrated as National Banana Split Day across the United States.

Ideas to Celebrate National Banana Split Day

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Banana Split Buffet Bash

Host a build-your-own banana split buffet! Set out all the necessary ingredients – bananas, various flavors of ice cream, toppings like sprinkles, nuts, and cherries, and of course, whipped cream and syrups. Invite friends and family to mix and match their perfect banana split creation in celebration of National Banana Split Day.

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Split the Day with Banana Split Competitions

Arrange a series of friendly competitions around the banana split theme. These could include a banana split making contest for speed or creativity, a banana split eating contest, or even a banana-themed trivia game. Offer small prizes for winners and enjoy a day of fun and indulgence.

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Explore Banana Split Variations

Use National Banana Split Day as an opportunity to explore and taste different variations of the dessert. Experiment with various fruits, different ice cream flavors, or unique toppings like hot fudge, caramel, or even liqueur-infused syrups. Share your creations on social media with a special hashtag like #BananaSplitDayAdventures.

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Banana Split Marathon Movie Night

Curl up with a homemade banana split and enjoy a marathon of your favorite movies. Whether it's a binge session of classic movies, a rom-com series, or action-packed adventures, enjoying your sweet treat in front of the big screen is a perfect way to celebrate.

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Banana Split Recipe Exchange

Organize a recipe exchange with a twist – all recipes must feature bananas or be inspired by the banana split. Participants can bring a recipe card along with a sample of their dish, share their unique creations, and swap recipes with others, expanding everyone's dessert repertoire.

7 Interesting Facts About Banana Split


Invention of the Banana Split

The banana split is widely believed to have been invented in 1904 by David Evans Strickler, a 23-year-old apprentice pharmacist at Tassel Pharmacy in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. He created this elaborate dessert using a banana cut lengthwise, hence the name 'banana split.'


Origin of the Name

The name 'banana split' is quite literal. It refers to the method of preparation where a banana is split down the middle into two halves to nestle the scoops of ice cream.


City of the Banana Split

In 2013, Latrobe, Pennsylvania was recognized as the official birthplace of the banana split when the National Ice Cream Retailers Association certified its origin.


The Classic Recipe

A traditional banana split is made with three scoops of ice cream (one each of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry) placed between the split banana halves. It's garnished with pineapple, strawberry, and chocolate syrup, whipped cream, nuts, and a maraschino cherry on top.


Evolution of the Banana Split

Over the years, the banana split has evolved with variations including different ice cream flavors, toppings, and even the substitution of the banana with plantains or other fruits.


Healthier Takes on the Classic Dessert

In recent years, health-conscious adaptations of banana splits have emerged, utilizing frozen yogurt, non-dairy ice creams, and a variety of nut and fruit-based sauces.


The Banana Split as Inspiration

The banana split has influenced other desserts and snacks, including banana split cakes, pies, and even a banana split flavored coffee and cereals.

National Banana Split Day FAQs

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