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Every year on March 27th, we celebrate a peculiar and delightful occasion known as International Scribble Day. This day brings attention to the simple act of scribbling, primarily in children, and emphasizes the value of inventiveness and imagination. It serves as a special day to validate and cherish children’s creativity, promoting their artistic development regardless of their current abilities.

More than merely a day for drawing, it’s a day that recognizes the potential of every child to express themselves artistically, even if that expression might just look like a scribble.

History of International Scribble Day

International Scribble Day has its origins in recent history. The day was initially observed by Diane Alber, the author and illustrator of the book named, “I’m NOT just a Scribble.” This book, released in 2017, revolves around a scribble who feels underappreciated until it showcases its special talents, thus sparking a dialogue about diversity and acceptance.

Deeply impacted by the response to her book, Alber decided to mark March 27 as International Scribble Day starting from 2018. The main objective of this day is to inspire young minds to value their creativity and not be overly obsessed with creating ‘ideal’ art.

This worldwide observance embraces the therapeutic and joyful aspects of scribbling and doodling. At its core, International Scribble Day promotes a sense of inclusivity and appreciation. Moreover, it is a celebration of the roots of creativity, acknowledging that every great piece of art once started as a humble scribble.

International Scribble Day has been growing in recognition year after year, with people and educational bodies globally partaking in celebrations. Activities range from creative contests to informative workshops and exhibitions, all designed to stimulate children’s imaginative capacities to transform their simple scribbles into works of art.

International Scribble Day Timeline

Prehistoric Cave Paintings

The first scribing/scribbling in history takes places in caves with the use of natural elements.

Sumerian Cuneiform

The Sumerians began scribbling on clay tablets in forms of wedge-shaped marks using a blunt reed, creating the first known form of writing, called Cuneiform script.

Papyrus Scribbles

Throughout ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, scribing was done on papyrus sheets using reed brushes and ink. These writings ranged from legal documents to personal correspondence.

Invention of Paper

Cai Lun, a Chinese official, invents paper making it accessible for more people to scribble. It marks the beginning of more widespread literacy and record keeping.

Quill Pens

The feather quill pen became the primary writing tool. The new tool dramatically increased the ease and efficiency of scribbling.

Invention of Pencil

Pencil is invented by Nicholas Jacques Conte, revolutionising the act of scribbling by allowing mistakes to be easily erased and rewritten.

Digital Age

The launch of IBM's first personal computer marks the start of the digital age, paving the way for digital scribing or 'scribbling'.

Ideas to Celebrate International Scribble Day

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Scribble Art Exhibition

Organize an art exhibition where everyone can display their scribbles. It does not matter how good or bad they are, the key is to have fun and appreciate the diversity of creativity.

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Community Scribble Mural

Invite your community to come together to create a large scribble mural on a wall or large canvas, encouraging everyone to contribute, regardless of age or artistic ability.

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Scribble Art Contest

Organize a scribble art contest in your neighborhood, school, or office. Provide scribbling materials and offer fun prizes for different categories.

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Online Scribble Challenge

Initiate an online scribble challenge through social media. Post your own scribble and challenge your friends to create their own, creating a digital chain of creativity.

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Scribble Gift Exchange

Hold a gift exchange where the only rule is that the gift must be self-made and contain scribbles. This encourages creativity and offers a unique twist on traditional gift exchanges.

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Family Scribble Story

Get your family members together and create a story using only scribbles. Every family member would add a new chapter in the form of a scribble.

6 Interesting Facts About Scribble


Automatic Scribbling

Automatic scribbling is a method used by psychologists and in the field of Art Therapy, where the patient is asked to scribble while closing their eyes or without any preconceived idea. The resulting scribble is then interpreted to understand the subconscious mind.


Doodle vs Scribble

Although often used interchangeably, doodling and scribbling are different. Doodling is an unfocused or unconscious drawing, while scribbling is more erratic and random.


Scribble in Art

Scribbles might seem meaningless and disordered but they are known to be the first step of a child’s understanding of graphic symbols, preceding the ability to draw and write. It's a crucial part of early-childhood development.


Scribble in Technology

In technology, there's a language model called ‘GPT-4’ developed by OpenAI which can transform scribbles into stunning artwork. It uses a dataset of pairs of text and image inputs to generate similar outputs.


Presidential Scribbles

Often, when a law is enacted in the United States, the president scribbles his name on a document. These presidential signatures, or scribbles, are considered a piece of history and are often collected and preserved.


Signature Analysis

Scribbles or handwriting, especially signatures, are often analyzed in the field of Graphology. It's believed that the way a person 'scribbles' their signature can reveal traits about their personality.

International Scribble Day FAQs

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2026 March 27th Friday
2027 March 27th Saturday
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