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International Lefthanders Day is celebrated on August 13th every year. This unique event is dedicated to recognizing the distinct qualities and challenges of left-handed individuals in a world primarily designed for right-handed people.

The day is also intended to promote the production and development of products explicitly crafted to suit the needs of those who are left-handed. It also offers a chance to debunk unfounded beliefs about left-handers and encourages a more accepting societal attitude towards them.

History of International Lefthanders Day

The inception of International Lefthanders Day traces back to August 13, 1976. It was the brainchild of Dean R. Campbell, who started Lefthanders International, Inc. His goal was to raise awareness about the unique challenges that left-handed people experience in a world predominantly tailored to right-handed individuals.

Global recognition for this day, however, came much later. This happened in the 1990s when the Left-Handers Club started to observe International Left-Handers Day. They officially declared this day on August 13, 1992.

Since then, this special day is recognized globally through a variety of events, meant to promote understanding of left-handed individuals and their needs. Events such as tea parties organized specifically for left-handed individuals are part of this tradition.

Another crucial aspect that this day addresses is the societal stigmas and practical issues faced by left-handed individuals. It helps us recognize the biases favoring the right-handed majority that are entrenched in our society. In simple terms, this special day allows left-handers to enjoy their unique orientation, while also educating others about the unique challenges they face.

By partaking in International Lefthanders Day, we spark conversations about handedness and acknowledge that being a left-hander comes with its unique set of skills and challenges. The ultimate goal is to foster a world that is more understanding, accepting, and inclusive for everyone.

International Lefthanders Day Timeline

First Evidence of Left-Handedness

Archaeological evidence suggests that drills used for making clothes show marks made by left-handed individuals.

In Ancient Egypt

Egyptians depicted Thoth, the god of wisdom, as left-handed. Left-handers were also known to be priests and scribes in respect.

Roman Empire

In ancient Rome, left-handers were considered unlucky and evil. The Latin word 'sinister' originally meant 'left' but took on connotations of evil.

Middle Ages

Left-handers were often accused of witchcraft and demonic possession during the Middle Ages in Europe.

Inception of International Lefthanders Day

Dean R. Campbell suggested August 13 as International Lefthanders Day to make everyone aware of the advantages and disadvantages left-handed people face.

Left-handers Club Formed

An organization known as The Left-handers Club started supporting the day by organizing events and activities.

International Left-Handers Day

The Left-handers Club officially declared this day on August 13, 1992.

Modern Perspectives

Nowadays, being left-handed is often seen as quirky and unique, without any attached stigma.

Ideas to Celebrate International Lefthanders Day

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Swap your Dominant Hand Challenge

Propose a challenge to your right-handed colleagues to perform a day's worth of activities using only their left hand. This exercise can open their eyes to the unique struggles that left-handed people face.

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Left-handers Sport Day

Set up a day of sporting activities specifically tailored for left-handed participants. Include games that generally favor left-handers such as golf, racquet sports or baseball. Aim at involving right-handed individuals for fun and inclusivity.

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Create a Left-Handers Society

Initiate a communal space for left-handed individuals where they can share common experiences and suggest practical ways of dealing with the unique challenges they encounter.

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Film Night Featuring Left-Handed Celebrities

Plan a movie evening featuring films and series starring left-handed celebrities such as Robert Deniro, Julia Roberts, or Bruce Willis.

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Lefty's Gaming Marathon

Stage a gaming contest where the controls are inverted, putting right-handed players to the test and giving left-handed players a chance to shine.

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Fun Left-Handed Facts Rally

Engage friends or colleagues in a friendly gathering to share intriguing and fun left-handed trivia. This can raise awareness and enlightenment about left-handedness. Include a quiz at the end to make it more interactive with a prize for the winner.

8 Interesting Facts About Lefthanders


Lefties are More Likely to Be Artists

The dominant hemisphere of the brain often controls creative tasks. For left-handers, this usually is the right hemisphere, which is linked to creativity. Resultingly, left-handers are likely to be more artistic and have higher imaginative skills.


Sports Advantage

In competitive sports such as tennis, boxing, or baseball, where one-on-one interactions are key, left-handed individuals often have a strategic edge. Their unique angles and techniques often catch opponents off guard.


Presidential Preference

Interestingly, several U.S Presidents from the recent past like Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan, have all been left-handed.


Animals can be Left-Handed too!

Left-handedness is not limited to humans. Research indicates that many animals, including cats, rats, and mice also exhibit a preference for using their left side.


Lefthanders and Language

Research suggests that left-handers appear to be more adept at language acquisition as they can efficiently process multiple sound streams.


Famous Left-Handed Geniuses

Several famous intellectuals in history, including Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Benjamin Franklin were left-handed. This fact further reinforces the connection between left-handedness and creativity.


Rare Left-Handedness

Left-handed people constitute about only 10% of the global population, making this trait captivating and distinct.


Some Cultures Frown upon Left-Handedness

In certain societies, particularly in the past, left-handedness was regarded as undesirable and children were coerced into using their right hands at schools.

International Lefthanders Day FAQs

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2024 August 13th Tuesday
2025 August 13th Wednesday
2026 August 13th Thursday
2027 August 13th Friday
What is the pattern? Every August 13th

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