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The International Day of Argania, celebrated every year on the 10th of May, is a day dedicated to honoring the Argan tree, a species that plays a crucial role in the socioeconomic and environmental wellbeing of numerous communities. This tree, renowned for its manifold uses in the culinary, cosmetic, and medicinal industries, is predominantly found in Morocco and is recognized by UNESCO.

The objective of this day is to create awareness about the significance of this tree while encouraging initiatives for its conservation and sustainable utility.

History of International Day of Argania

On May 10, 2021, the world celebrated the International Day of Argania, for the very first time. This globally acknowledged event, proclaimed by the UN, celebrates the Argania spinosa tree, more commonly known as the Argan tree, native to Morocco.

The UN’s General Assembly, following a submission from Morocco, approved the day to be commemorated annually in 2020. The primary purpose of this occasion is to highlight the crucial role played by the Argan tree. It is best known for its ability to combat desertification, preserve biodiversity, and improve the overall income of local communities, especially among women.

The Argan tree, bordered by desertification and soil erosion, contributes significantly to the conservation of biodiversity. It also plays an essential role in the production of Argan oil, acting as a key income stream for the indigenous Amazigh communities of the region.

Argan oil’s significance in the beauty industry cannot be overstated, and its global demand is continuing to surge. This increases concerns around potential growth exploitation. The International Day of Argania doesn’t just emphasize the economic value of the tree but also puts a spotlight on its environmental benefits.

International Day of Argania Timeline

Cultivation of Argan Trees

Indigenous Berber tribes in Morocco begin cultivating Argan trees for their fruit and oil.

Argan Oil Use

Berbers use Argan oil for culinary, medicinal, and cosmetic purposes.

Expansion of Argania Region

Argania region expands with the growth of Argan tree cultivation, making it a prominent ecological landmark.

Introduction to Europe

With trade routes becoming more established, Argan oil gets introduced to Europe.

UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

The Argan tree area in Morocco is declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve to protect and study this unique ecological region.

First Celebration of International Day of Argania

The UN General Assembly proclaims 10 May as International Day of Argania in recognition of the importance of the Argan tree species.

Ideas to Celebrate International Day of Argania

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Argan Tree Planting Fundraiser

Organize a fundraiser where the profits go to planting and conserving the Argan trees. Encourage community involvement in support of Mother Nature.

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Argan Oil Beauty Workshop

Host a workshop demonstrating the benefits of argan oil in beauty regimens. Teach simple DIY recipes for hair and skin products using pure argan oil from Morocco.

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Argan Culinary Tour

Create an event that celebrates the culinary use of argan oil, you can either book a Moroccan chef to cook or team up with local restaurants to create special recipes that will highlight this ingredient.

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Argan Documentary Screening

Hold a documentary viewing about argan trees and the role they play in both the economic and ecological aspects. Follow it up with a discussion or Q&A.

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Argan Oil Products Giveaway

Add an exciting edge to the day by organizing a giveaway of popular argan oil products, promoting both the day as well as the benefits of argan oil.

7 Interesting Facts About Argania


Argania: Only in Morocco

Argania, also known as the Argan tree, is endemic to Morocco. It is the only location in the world where this tree naturally grows.


A Lifespan of Centuries

Argania trees can live for 200 years and, in some cases, up to 250 years. Despite harsh weather conditions and poor soil, these trees survive and continue to bear fruits.


Tree of Life

Argania is sometimes called the 'Tree of Life' because of its ability to produce nutritious oil, which is a vital resource for the local population.


Moroccan Gold

Argan oil, made from Argania tree seeds, is often referred to as 'Moroccan Gold' because of its high value and its golden hue.


Goat and the Argania

Goats in Morocco love eating the fruit of the Argania tree. Sometimes, they even climb up the branches of the tree to reach the higher fruits. The sight of the goats perched on the tree's twisted branches is often amusing to tourists.


Rejuvenating Desert Soil

The Argania tree plays a crucial part in preventing desertification by binding the soil with its deep root system. This feature makes it a precious ally in the fight against the encroaching desert.


A Lengthy Oil-Producing Process

Creating argan oil is a time-consuming procedure. It takes approximately 15 hours of work to produce just one liter of oil.

International Day of Argania FAQs

Next International Day of Argania Dates

Year Date Day
2023 May 10th Wednesday
2024 May 10th Friday
2025 May 10th Saturday
2026 May 10th Sunday
2027 May 10th Monday
What is the pattern? Every May 10th

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