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International Dance Day, celebrated annually on April 29, is indeed a delightful occasion worldwide. It’s an event that encourages individuals to express themselves through the language of body movement and rhythm, irrespective of cultural, political, and ethnic barriers. It serves as a vibrant reminder of how dance, in all its forms, is a universal form of communication that transcends borders and brings people together.

From the ballet to the tango, the samba to the hip-hop, dance embodies elegance, passion, and the boundless capabilities of human expressivity. International Dance Day serves as an invitation to everyone, dancer or not, to celebrate this beautiful art form and acknowledge its power in uniting people across the globe.

History of International Dance Day

International Dance Day, recognized globally on the 29th of April each year, was established by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), UNESCO’s primary performing arts partner.

The concept of International Dance Day came to light in 1982 when it was proposed by ITI’s Dance Committee with the intent to shine a light on dance as an art form. The date, April 29th, was purposefully chosen to commemorate the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), the man credited with modernizing ballet and reforming dance.

Every year, the tradition is to task an acclaimed choreographer or dancer with penning a message that encapsulates the spirit of International Dance Day. This message then gets shared around the world. The author’s objective is to celebrate dance and emphasize its universal appeal - an art form that transcends political, cultural, and ethnic differences and unites people via a shared ‘language’ of dance.

Apart from sharing the International Dance Day Message, various activities are held across the globe including dance evenings, unique performances, gala concerts, dance parades, workshops, and lectures. These events are organized by ITI Centres, ITI Cooperating Members, dance organizations at international and national levels, and a multitude of other supporters.

International Dance Day Timeline

Egyptian Wall Paintings of Dance

In Ancient Egypt, dances were part of fertility rituals, religious ceremonies and entertainment.

Medieval Dance

In the Medieval period, dance began to develop in a more structured way, including line dances and circle dances performed by groups.

The Waltz

Originating from Germany and Austria, the Waltz became popular across Europe.

The Roaring Twenties and Swing Dance

A period of significant cultural change, the Roaring Twenties introduced Swing Dance, Charleston, and other energetic styles.

Modern Dance

Modern dance rejected traditional ballet forms to explore the expressiveness of the human body. Styles such as jazz, tap, and contemporary dance gained popularity.

Inception of International Dance Day

The Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) founded International Dance Day.

Ideas to Celebrate International Dance Day

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Visit a Dance Show

Support local dance troops or ballerinas by going to their performances. This will not only provide you with a great source of entertainment but also an opportunity to appreciate intricate dance moves.

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Dance Lessons

If you’ve always wanted to learn a specific style of dance, sign up for some lessons as a way of celebrating this day. This could range from ballroom dancing to hip-hop, depending on your interest.

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Dance Documentary Night

Enjoy a cozy night in watching dance documentaries or movies. This could be an excellent way to understand the artistry, commitment and discipline of this art form.

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Cultural Dance Exchange

Celebrate the day by learning about a dance from a different culture. You can ask your friends from different cultural backgrounds to teach their traditional dance. It'll help to appreciate the diversity in dance forms around the world.

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Dance for Fitness

Join a dance fitness class such as Zumba or aerobics. These classes are a fun and entertaining way of staying fit while also celebrating International Dance Day.

7 Interesting Facts About Dances


World's Longest Dance

The longest dance marathon by an individual is held by Srushti Sudhir Jagtap from India, who danced continuously for 127 hours from 29 May to 3 June 2023.


Dance and Communication

In certain cultures, dance is a form of communication and can be used to tell stories or express emotions without the use of words.


Origins of Tango

Tango originated in the late 19th century among the working-class port neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Ballet Shoes

Ballet dancers go through a lot of ballet shoes. A professional ballerina can wear out 2-3 pairs of pointe shoes in a week.


Dance and Health

Dancing is not just fun, it can also improve cardiovascular health, increase stamina, strengthen bones and muscles, and stave off illnesses.


Robot Dance

The robot dance style began in the 1960s and was popularized by street performers. It imitates the motions of a robot or mannequin.



Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. It is known for its quick and complex moves.

International Dance Day FAQs

Next International Dance Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 April 29th Saturday
2024 April 29th Monday
2025 April 29th Tuesday
2026 April 29th Wednesday
2027 April 29th Thursday
What is the pattern? Every April 29th

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