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International Chefs Day, celebrated every year on October 20th, is an event of global recognition celebrating the art and expertise of chefs. This event focuses on the integral role chefs play in our daily lives. This day is reserved for chefs worldwide to share their knowledge, nurture a passion for cooking in the younger generation, and to proudly display their creativity and unique skills.

International Chefs Day is a celebration of the unity, dedication, and the zeal found within chef communities, and their relentless commitment to delivering unforgettable culinary experiences.

History of International Chefs Day

International Chefs Day traces its origins to Chef Dr. Bill Gallagher, who marked its inaugural celebration in 2004. As the World Association of Chefs Societies’ (now known as Worldchefs) president from 1992 to 2004, Chef Gallagher was a great stalwart in the culinary world, especially famed for his enthusiasm in mentoring budding chefs through apprenticeships.

Conceived as a homage to the tireless efforts and unwavering dedication of chefs worldwide, International Chefs Day is annually commemorated every 20th of October. On this day, chefs from across the globe unite to not just celebrate their profession, but also to inspire the next generation about the culinary profession. Furthermore, it also aims to underline the pivotal role they play in promoting healthy and eco-friendly cooking habits.

Over the years, Worldchefs has leveraged on this special day to further global culinary education, particularly amongst children. They spearhead the “Healthy Food for the Future” campaign, which spotlights the significance of proper nutrition and introduces youngsters to the delightful world of cooking. The primary goal here is to cultivate healthier eating practices in children while simultaneously creating an interest in them towards the culinary arts.

International Chefs Day Timeline

First Printed Cookbook

The first printed cookbook, writen in Latin, was Bartolomeo Platina's (Italy) De honesta voluptate et valetudine (“On Right Pleasure and Good Health”).

First Luxury Restaurant

The first luxury restaurant, the La Grande Taverne de Londres, was opened at the Palais-Royal in Paris.

First Cooking School

The first known cooking school was founded in the United States: the Boston Cooking School.

First Cooking School in America

The first cooking school in America, the 'Boston Cooking School' was established. Cooking had become more than just a basic need, it had become a craft and a profession.

Fannie Farmer Cookbook

Fannie Farmer published her cookbook standardizing measurements in cooking.

TV Cooking shows

The first TV cooking show, the black-and-white Cookery with Philip Harben aired on BBC.

Ideas to Celebrate International Chefs Day

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Chef Appreciation Lunch

Plan a festive lunch gathering to show gratitude to your local chefs. If they're willing, they can each prepare a unique dish. This social event will allow them to share their culinary secrets and favorite recipes.

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Cooking Masterclass

Get a well-known chef to host a captivating cooking class. Showcasing their talent and passing on their knowledge honors them and inspires those who look up to them.

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Spotlight on Social Media

Post pictures and share anecdotes about chefs you admire on social platforms, using a unique, trend-setting hashtag. This will let people worldwide to learn about diverse chefs and their mouthwatering dishes.

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Critique a Dish

Arrange a social event where friends or coworkers cook a dish, and a local chef offers their expert critique. This engaging activity is an excellent way to enrich your understanding of various cooking techniques and aesthetic presentation.

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Create a Special Menu

As a restaurant proprietor, design a unique menu for the day that features the chef's preferred dishes or their specialties. This token of recognition for your chef also guarantees a unique dining experience for your customers.

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Gift a Cookbook

Show your admiration for your favorite chef by presenting them with a chef's cookbook as a token of appreciation. This gesture encourages ongoing culinary education and the sharing of culinary wisdom.

7 Interesting Facts About Chefs


Chefs and Tattoos

A trend among chefs is to adorn their bodies with tattoos that echo their gastronomical passion. They ink themselves with everything from images of fruits and veggies to illustrations of animals or kitchen utensils, highlighting the permeation of body art in the culinary world.


Backward Clocks

You might be surprised to notice backward clocks in lots of professional kitchens. The simplicity of reading these in mirrors from various angles without having to pivot saves chefs precious seconds when fine-tuning their dish timings.


Culinary Education

While mastery comes with hands-on experience, most chefs embark on their culinary journey in professional cooking schools where they learn from the basics to the intricate details of culinary arts and managing a kitchen.


Chefs and Knives

Chefs place great importance on their knives, often owning a personal collection of top-quality ones which they actively maintain. These knives aren't just tools, they're valued assets, and some chefs go the extra mile to get them custom-made.


Famous Chefs and TV Shows

Certain chefs have gained star status due to their engaging cooking shows or best-selling cookbooks. Julia Child, Gordon Ramsay, and Anthony Bourdain are among those whose popularity has sparked a massive interest in culinary experimentation and appreciation.


Long Working Hours

Well-known for their relentless and unconventional work schedules, chefs often kickstart their day at the crack of dawn and retire very late, particularly during peak dining times.


Chefs and Their Taste Buds

One of the reasons why chefs excel in their craft is their exceptional ability to discern subtle variations in flavors, textures, and components through taste. This trait likens chefs to sommeliers, who possess expertise in tasting and critiquing wines.

International Chefs Day FAQs

Next International Chefs Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 October 20th Friday
2024 October 20th Sunday
2025 October 20th Monday
2026 October 20th Tuesday
2027 October 20th Wednesday
What is the pattern? Every October 20th

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